ExcelStartup PowerShell module v1.1 released

If you are new to ExcelStartup PowerShell module please read the previous post Shortcuts to start Excel with or without PowerPivot add-in.

A very good observation from Dan English (blog | twitter) made me do a small but important change in the behavior of the ‘Excel only’ shortcut.

Here’s the excerpt from the Dan’s full post that you can read here http://denglishbi.wordpress.com/2010/10/08/where-did-my-excel-powerpivot-tab-go-follow-up/

“One thing to watch out though is that if you don’t use the shortcuts to access Excel the next time that it will load up the last option that you ran.  This means that if you do the ‘Excel Only’ shortcut, close Excel, and then click on the Excel shortcut in the start menu that Excel will load normally (without PowerPivot add-in).  To enable the PowerPivot add-in you can follow my steps in the posting above or simply close Excel and then double-click the ‘Excel with PowerPivot’ shortcut on your desktop.”

So, as of v1.1 the “Excel only” shortcut has been changed to disable PowerPivot add-in for the current Excel session (process) only. This enables users to start Excel with PowerPivot by clicking on Excel associated files or just typing Excel in run dialog etc.

If for any reason you want to switch to the old behavior edit the ‘Excel only’ desktop shortcut, click on the Shortcut tab and remove the parameter -reset from the shortcut target.

The link to the download is here: ExcelStartup PowerShell module installation guide.

Thank you all for your interest and support.